Digital transformation for real estate

In half or day long seminars we dig deep into '20 Steps to Digital Transformation'. These are split into four categories: Technology, Customers and Competitors, Data, Innovation. To this we add a 'Bringing it All Together' section where we try to model up your own world using the Business Model Canvas.

What we'll cover:

  • Technology

    • Digital Transformation is not about IT
    • Don’t digitise the past
    • What is table stakes and what sets you apart? 
    • ‘the digital layer’
    • Technology essentials
    • Education, Education, Education
    • The Cloud is your friend


  • Customers & Competitors

    • Rethink your partners
    • Rethink your customer
    • The smartphone is your friend. Mobile first
    • Market for the year you are in
    • Get social Talk with not at.
    • ‘10x faster, cheaper, better.’
    • What would you want? Digital tools that deliver it
    • Outcompete yourself


  • Data

    • Think data, think analytics
    • Digital data = real-time
    • Automate everything you can - embrace the robots
    • AI - What is it, what is it good for?


  • Innovation

    • Agile / Lean / Design & Systems thinking. Value Proposition Design
    • Multi-functional teams. No silos.


  • Business Model Canvas: bringing it all together


  • What? So What? Now What?


What'll you learn: 

In essence, the tools that will enable you to implement Digital Transformation within your company, what technologies are going to be important in your industry, and how to think like someone creating the future, not protecting the past.

Who should attend:

This course is relevant for any business operating within the built environment, including agents, investors, asset managers, landlords, developers, engineers or architects. Whilst perhaps of most value to C Suite members, and senior management, all employees should understand what 'Digital Thinking' is. There is no aspect of modern business that is not being fundamentally reshaped by digital technologies, so the more your entire team grasps the implications the better.  

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