product development: EXPERIENCE

Over 20+ years I have been responsible for developing dozens of online commercial real estate related products and services.

I have worked with Agents, Owners, Property Managers and industry bodies (see ‘About Me’)

For over ten years I personally coded most of the Products Estates Today worked on, from to to all of the Vicinitee property management modules (Helpdesk, Permits to Work, Visitor Management, Licence for Alterations & Resource Manager) and building community websites.

In post coding times I have concentrated on our SaaS Product, all of which I Product Managed.

I have Product Managed software in use in 400+ prime commercial real estate properties by more than 720,000 system users.

Why me? My #PropTech experience is rare in that I understand 'Prop' AND 'Tech'. There is little point in understanding what is technically possible if you do not understand what is worth doing.

I obsess about 'Know your Customer' and 'Value Proposition'. In #PropTech few do.


In the early web days what was possible was very limited but over the years the technical complexity of online software has steadily and relentlessly increased. What has not changed is the need for your Product to have a clear idea of who its customers are, what problems they are try to solve, and the 'pains and gains' you are trying to accommodate.

My key Product Development skills center around an unwavering commitment to removing friction and enabling discovery. You are, after all, aiming to please your customers and almost everything revolves around enabling them to do things quicker, easier, cheaper OR to find (or discover) the information they need, whenever they need it and wherever they may be.

Particularly in the real estate industry the above 'common sense' is peculiarly uncommon.

I no longer code but having done it intensively for over ten years I understand coders as well as I understand the business imperatives of online products and services.

I believe in multi functional teams and agile, iterative development.

I can either work long term with a developing Product, or provide short term guidance, criticism and advice.

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