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The evening before flying to Warsaw I took part in a top notch panel at CMS discussing Artificial Intelligence. Along with Will Hutton I battled to keep up with a room full of super talented women. A veritable brains trust was on show. I learnt a lot.

... just wanted to drop you a note to thank you so very much indeed for attending as one of our panellists on Tuesday evening. We have had some superb feedback from clients, all admiring the clarity of the discussion, and loving your energy and forthright views!
— Jo Witham Head of Client Management

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I gave a talk at the Chairman's Dinner the evening before the ULI UK Annual Conference 2018 opens. All about 'Turner, Picasso, AI.... and real estate'.

At the conference itself I was on a panel with Despina Katsikakis (International Partner and Head of Occupier Business Performance, Cushman & Wakefield), Henrie Koetter (Chief Investment Officer, ECE) and Clare Thomas (Partner, CMS) discussing 'New Occupier Models: Adapting to change and the blurring of lines.'

It was a great discussion, full of innovation and insight and also great fun
— Liz Waller, Executive Director, ULI UK

Together with Dror Poleg I did a ''Disrupting Real Estate' double header at The Office Group's excellent Henry Wood House in May. Here is my talk.


The World's Number One PropTech Event!

I gave a talk on AI and Real Estate at this excellent event with 1,600 delegates. 


'British & Irish GRI is a get together of senior international and local real estate investors, developers and lenders. The collegial discussions enable you to interact and engage - much like an after-dinner conversation in your own living room. Identify like-minded peers, build relationships, and continue the conversation afterwards.'

I acted as a 'Provocateur' for this session 'RE as a Service & Lifestyle - The new flexible future?' on May 3rd, 2018.

Click the link to see what they were: Real Estate as a Service: Are flexible short term leases the new future? 16 Provocations!

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I gave a talk on 'The Real Estate Transformation Omelette' at the BCA Conference in London on the 15th May. Below is a quick vox pop I did afterwards:

“Key to his presentation was the concept of ‘old work’ and ‘new work’. ‘Old work’ is based on repetitive, repeatable tasks that can be automated, leaving the human workforce free to concentrate on ‘new work’ - which utilises our creative strengths and ability to make judgements.”


Invesco Client Conference - Keynote Speech - Frankfurt, 23rd May

I had very good feedback from your session as it provided a lot of food for thought. It also fitted in perfectly with the whole conference
— Lisa Nell Director – Head of Marketing


Probably my longest distance talk, I had an excellent Skype for Business session with the executive board of Investa, one of Australia’s largest, most recognised commercial office real estate companies. With a particular focus on #SpaceAsAService we concentrated on the role of the Landlord in the new worl of real estate.

Thank you for a great presentation yesterday. The feedback has been very positive and it has certainly given us much food for thought and, I believe, an impetus to get moving on the data front.
— Annabelle Wentworth General Manager, Capital Transactions


I gave a presentation to leading property management company MJ Mapp encapsulating the new business models developing within the real estate sector, from the technological drivers through to the changing nature of demand and on to the impact that will have on supply.

Thanks again for this morning. I have universally positive feedback and a really engaged team who went into this afternoon’s strategy session buzzing with ideas, so I think we have the result we wanted.
— Robert Stark Executive Director Property Management Strategy & Operations


I presented a talk on 'Ten Signals of Fundamental Change in Real Estate' to a small group of real estate specialists and fund managers at the Aviva Investors HQ in the city of London. Beyond the 10 Signals it covered the impact of technology on the real estate market in the widest sense. 

Very interesting talk
— Barry Hill, Fund Manager


I spent a couple of hours with an excellent team at Woods Bagot, the global design and consulting company given my interactive presentation on 'The Future of Build to Rent - What does No 1 look like'. It covers the potential for this nascent real estate asset class that is growing dramatically. The No 1 of the Future only looks very slightly like the No 1 today.

Thanks for coming in, it was a great presentation and conversation!
— Simon Saint, Associate Principal


I was delighted to be invited to be part of an illustrious panel at the IREI VIP Conference in Copenhagen in February. The topic was the impact of AI on the commercial real estate industry.

It was excellent having you on board for our “How is technology changing the real estate asset management and investing business” panel. Your insights really helped everyone better understand how technology and real estate are tied together and what trends to watch and what they mean.
— John Hunt Program Manager Institutional Real Estate, Inc.


g15 represents London’s largest housing associations, providing homes for one in ten Londoners and one quarter of all new building in the capital. We are working to solve the housing crisis by delivering good quality, affordable homes of all types.

They kindly asked me to address all their CEO members to discuss the impact of technology on the real estate sector.

Thanks for an inspiring presentation today. The feedback from g15 was excellent.
— Paul Hackett, Chief Executive of Optivo, and Chair of the g15


I was invited by ORM Digital Strategy to give the keynote talk at their 'People, Property, #PropTech' event in London in October 2017. The talk was built around the five steps businesses need to take to get those three P's working effectively together.

Antony spoke at our Proptech event to marketers from across the property sector – he was knowledgeable, engaging and delivered excellent insight on the state of the industry. From an organiser’s perspective he was also very easy to work with, being communicative and genuinely seemed excited to be a part of our event.
— Amy Creeden Marketing Manager ORM


I gave a talk on 'Space as a Service' at the inaugural Nordic Proptech Summit in Stockholm in October 2017.  Held at the exceptional new 'Epicenter', a 30,000 square metre building dedicated to working with 'Scale Up' businesses it was part of an exceptionally stimulating and inspiring day.

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As a guest of the SCSI I made five presentations as part of their Survey Innovation and Technology Roadshow in September 2017. We travelled to Meath, Kilkenny, Cork, Limerick and Galway talking to Society members about technology, geomatics, mapping, residential and commercial agency and more.

I presented on '10 Signals of Fundamental Change in Real Estate, and 5 Steps to making the most of it'. Overall we had several hundred attendees and much good feedback; there is so much movement in this area at the moment and a real thirst for guidance, advice and information. 

‘Antony was the guest speaker on our Surveying, Technology & Innovation Roadshow, delivering 5 excellent and thought-provoking presentations in whistle-stop fashion over 3 days.  Antony’s interest in and expert knowledge of our profession and the way technology is changing how we work meant that his insightful presentations really resonated with the audience.   This helped to provoke some lively q & a sessions about how best to adapt our business models and services to take advantage of new technology.  Feedback from members post-event has been very positive, with many complimenting Antony’s presentation style, energy, knowledge and engagement.’
— Áine Myler FSCSI, FRICS, Director General

I gave a presentation on 'New Business Models for Commercial Real Estate & Retail' as part of the Bayfield Training course on Shopping Centre Investment in the City of London.

“Antony Slumbers gave delegates on our “Introduction to Shopping Centre Investments’ course” cause to reflect on how retail space might be affected by technology. We chose Antony to deliver this part of the course for us because of his deep knowledge and long experience of the use of technology in our sector. We knew that his passion for researching the impact that technology will have on us in the short and medium term would allow our delegates to critically assess received wisdom, take the tools they had learned over our three day course and adapt them flexibly for their own investment projects. Antony didn’t disappoint: by postulating in his initial slides ‘Shopping Centres are no Longer Relevant’ our delegates were able to debate, justify and appreciate ways in which to sharpen their retail property investment strategy.”
— Sonia Martin-Gutierrez CEO Bayfield Training

I talked to the MSc Entrepreneurship class on how technology will impact the Retail Property market.

“We invited Anthony to give a presentation to our PwC real estate group in October 2016. The 200 or so attendees were a wide range of PwC real estate advisors (accountants, transaction, risk assurance, consulting, taxation etc). Antony gave a fascinating and wide ranging tour or the changing world of real estate, including the impact of technology and human behavioural change on the role of real estate as a service. This was just what we were looking for, as it gave my colleagues, who don’t often get a chance to think outside their immediate lines of service, lots of food for thought. The feedback from colleagues has been excellent.”
— Gareth Lewis PwC | Director Real Estate

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Talking to the MSc Real Estate class we worked through how every company needs a Digital Strategy to makes the most of the opportunities and avoid the threats of new technologies.

"I just wanted to say thank you for coming to speak to our MSc students. The student feedback was very positive.

The topic, "Its 2016, you need a digital strategy" was a perfect fit with our course ethos of trying to make the students think differently and your punchy 20 point challenge approach kept them engaged throughout. 

I was delighted by the students' questions and discussions but sorry that this meant that we ran out of time towards the end! I hope that we can discuss your return visit soon.

Ashley Dabson


Talking to the Senior Management of the largest property and leisure management, development and regeneration companies in the UK, we discussed the 5 Megatrends impacting on their market, and what to expect in the next 3-5 years.

Presenting to the entire Capita Real Estate division my talk was entitled 'Real Estate 2023: the Office is Dead'. 

As part of a panel, we discussed how the workplace is likely to change over the next five years: is technology driving the changes, or responding to them.

I regularly talk to select member groups of FedCRE on all matters relating to technology and real estate.