Specialising in ‘Space As a Service’, AI and Innovation, I speak about how technology is redefining how we work, shop and live, and the opportunities and threats of a changing world. How do you maximise your upside whilst minimising your downside.

Topics I engage with:

#SpaceAsAService - I coined this term in 2014 and have ‘evangelised’ for it since then. In a world moving from Products to Services, and from Ownership to Access, where we are becoming used to everything being available on-demand, is it any wonder that we are demanding that real estate follows suit? And that has huge implications.

#PropTech - I am No 7 in Duke Long’s Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People 2018, a Member of the Leadership Board of CRETech (and a judge for the RETAS awards) and a Mentor at MetaProp RE200. As such I often talk exclusively to Boards and senior leaders in corporates about #PropTech; what matters, what does not, impacts and incentives and who to work with.

AI in Real Estate. A not much mentioned topic within real estate AI will probably be the most important technology of the next 10 years. It is going to reshape the entire business world, upend value chains, change the nature of the work we do, and destroy and create a vast number of jobs. In doing so it will fundamentally change the nature of demand for real estate.

Innovation: something much easier to say than do. Mostly we talk about it right until the moment someone else innovates away our profit margins, or even businesses. But there are clear steps you can take to catalyse innovation within your organisation. Even inspiration can come from process. No process = no innovation.

Antony’s presentation at our real estate and property conference was one of the absolute highlights of the whole event. The breadth and depth of his industry knowledge is truly impressive – this combined with his engaging presentation style made for a session that was both enlightening and entertaining.
— Sarak Katherine Bagshaw - Co-Founder & Director at Alternative Events

New Business Models. Our customers are changing, and so are our competitors. Free can be surprisingly valuable. Technology can upend value chains. Data, networks and ecosystems can transform efficiency, and effectiveness. The past is no longer much of a guide to the future. Understanding the new dynamic of markets is vital.

The Future of Property Management. Having written property management software for 10+ years, I am acutely aware of the issues facing even the best players in this sector. It is hard to break out of a low margin, cost cutting, undifferentiated marketplace. All property managers face the same dilemma. BUT, in a world where the operator of an asset is becoming more important, and in a way hitherto unknown, there are amazing opportunities opening up to go from ‘Zero to Hero’.

Exponential Humans: In a world of Exponential Technology we need to become Exponential Humans. When the machines are doing everything that is structured, repeatable or predictable, what is it that we humans will be doing? How do we ensure that we create a future where we use technology to augment ourselves, and avoid one where the machines rule over us. Are we heading towards a dystopia or a utopia?

If you would like to propose a speaking opportunity please contact me.

Forthcoming talks:

The European Public Real Estate Association, is a non-profit association representing Europe's publicly listed property companies. I will be delivering a keynote talk at their annual conference, in Madrid on the 10th-12th of September. Broad ranging, I will be covering the impact of technology on the nature of demand across all real estate asset classes. And therefore valuation!

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Thursday, 12th December - London

Thursday, 12th December - London

Recent talks include …

We hired Antony to speak at our annual flagship conference with over 450 listed real estate specialist attendees. Antony’s keynote address was lively, fast paced and kept the delegates on the edge of their seats throughout. We always have tech speakers at our events but have always struggled to link the futuristic theory of the speakers with on the ground real life examples of exponential change; Antony’s keynote on real estate as a service and AI finally resolved this conundrum. Our only regret is we could not devote more time to his talk and q and a session. A totally professional, passionate and confident speaker who we will definitely engage again in the future.
— Barney Coleman, Head of Operations, EPRA

The European Public Real Estate Association, is a non-profit association representing Europe's publicly listed property companies. I delivered a keynote talk at their annual conference, in Madrid on the 10th-12th of September.


We had approached Antony from CREDAI for our conference in Tel Aviv which was attended by 1000+ Developers from India. Antony’s technology expertise and his insights into how he sees the impact of new technologies on the real estate industry was indeed a thought provoking session and experience. His ideas on “space as a service” and “artificial intelligence” are sure to revolutionise and create a lasting impact on the real estate landscape in the near and far future! We had many takeaways from his session and provided insights to all the delegates which will help them plan for the future.

Antony is also a thorough professional with a warm and friendly personality. We are very pleased to have associated with Antony for our conference.
— Mr. Anand Reddy, President, CREDAI


I gave a talk at the Inrev Young Professionals Conference 2019 in Lisbon, July the 4th - ‘The Age of the Consumer - How the customer is finally revolutionising real estate‘.

Antony’s keynote presentation during our Young Professional Conference was excellent, both inspirational as well as insightful. Antony argued that technology should not replace humans but work in symbiosis. Additionally he suggested that offices and other workspaces need to catalyse human skills, leading to space becoming a service.

Antony is a very lively and enthusiastic speaker who connects extremely well with his audience as well as with the other topics and speakers in the programme. it has been a pleasure working with him.
— Hedda Hollander Director of Events and Education INREV


A Dynamic World requires Dynamic Corporate Real Estate

As technology advances at ever increasing speed, business is becoming much more dynamic. Certainties are giving way to perpetual fluidity; change is a constant. Corporate Real Estate is changing as well. #SpaceAsAService is becoming the new normal. Putting the human at the center of corporate real estate strategy is the starting point.

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DREAM REIT are one of Canada’s leading real estate companies with ~800 employees and approximately $16 billion of assets under management in North America and Europe. I had the pleasure of speaking to all their senior management team about the future of real estate, and the impact of technology on the built world. In Amsterdam.

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Helsinki, 9th May 2019 - The KTI/MSCI Nordic Property Seminar.

I gave a talk about ‘Real Estate ‘as a Service’ – the importance of Data’.

Thought provoking talk on how technology and data is changing real estate into a service, delivered in an entertaining and easy to understand style
— Sasha Thomas, Client Consultant at MSCI Inc

24th April : At the IWFM Conference: Gain insight, inspiration and skills I talked about ‘Work and the workplace in an age of exponential technology: the past is a poor guide to the future.‘

Sometimes you need to be careful where you stand, and what images you use:)

Antony brought a perfect balance of insight, energy and inspiration to our conference. A pleasure to work with in advance, his content hit the mark for our audience and slotted perfectly into our agenda for the day. His experience of the topic along with his ability to tell a compelling story played a key role in our packed programme.
— Chris Moriarty Director of Insight and Engagement


In April I had the great pleasure of presenting at the Fifth Wall Ventures Limited Partners Conference. Fifth Wall are one of Fast Company magazine’s ‘World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies’, and perhaps the leading investor in technology for the built environment.

Antony presented to our Strategic LP’s an insightful talk about ‘#SpaceAsAService - The Trillion Dollar Hashtag’. He helped them realize the speed of technological change and how this will alter the nature of demand for commercial real estate. He also laid out an 8 part strategy to both adapt to this change and profit from it, all with humour, pace and an engaging style.
— Darren Handoko, Associate, Fifth Wall

On the 6th March I gave a talk on ‘AI and Commercial Real Estate’ at the Budapest PropTech Conference, jointly organised by Property Forum Events and The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).


February 21st: I am delighted to be on an illustrious panel discussing ‘AI, Big Data & Real Estate‘ at the 2019 Visions, Insights & Perspectives (VIP) Europe, in Amsterdam.

Antony, excellent presentation and talk, thank you.

“AI will not give you the answer. It will give you options and probabilities.”
— John Hunt Program Manager Institutional Real Estate, Inc.


February the 7th: A first time in Vilnius, I was talking about ‘People, Property, PropTech 2025 - Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why?‘ - excellent event in an interesting city.

Antony is great at presenting difficult things in a simple and entertaining way. He is great at finding and presenting important details and new trends in a huge flow of information
— Justina Juršytė Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association | Head of Communications and Marketing

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At the RICS Commercial Property Conference 2018 in London, I spoke about ‘The Impact of Technology on Commercial Real Estate’, in particular the many areas where artificial intelligence is sure to make an impact over the coming years.

Antony Slumbers’ technology round-up was not only one of the stand-out sessions of the day, but it also painted a picture of the future using the present as its canvas.
— Jo Sutherland, board member of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) UK Chapter


FUTURE:PropTech Vienna is well established as the leading & most well attended global event dedicated to the technology innovation & digital transformation occurring in the wider Real Estate sector.

Mr. @antonyslumbers rocking the stage at @_futureproperty Vienna 🤟

His futuristic view on how AI is going to disrupt real estate can be actually applied to any other industry.
— Peter Fabor, Founder of Surf Office

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I gave the opening keynote at this invitation-only event for tech leaders in the UK's premier property and real estate companies with the vision to innovate their business.

“Antony delivered the content in a simple and entertaining style that made it memorable.”
— Vicente Herrera-Leon  Head of Digital Services (Property) at Network Rail
“ … knowledgeable, informative and well presented”
— Attilio Morosini  IT Director at Chestertons
“… an informative and most useful …external, macro view on the Real Estate sector.”
— Robert Stark Senior Executive Director Property Management Strategy & Operations, M J Mapp Limited
“... full of energy and very interesting”
— Alex Pugh Head Of Business Systems at Allsop

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I had the great pleasure of presenting at Rubenstein Partners annual investors conference in New York. My 45 minute talk looked at ‘The New World of CRE #SpaceAsAService‘ with a particular focus on what the office of the future (as in tomorrow onwards) needed in terms of features, products and above all services. Critically how was the changing nature of CRE going to impact on valuations. The 100+ attendees, each representing significant funding institutions, was a fantastic audience to interact with. All quite fascinating.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 14.24.11.png

I gave the opening keynote presentation at this excellent conference in Amsterdam on the 1st November. 

Private Equity Real Estate is the leading industry magazine with a readership of over 35,000. Their editorially led conferences are well known for the very high calibre of participant which meant a large room full of senior, and very smart, people. My talk, ‘The Real Estate Business of the Future‘ looked at how new technologies, particularly AI, will impact on the demand for real estate, across all sectors, and what investors need to know to profit from these changes.

Excellent speech!
— Lisa Shaforostova, Real Estate Investment Director / CBRE Investment Advisory


Helsinki - 24th October. 

I spoke about AI, the 4th Industrial Revolution and New Business Models for Real Estate.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 15.43.14.png
I’d like to thank you, Antony, especially. Your keynote drilled to the core of
the disruption the CRE industry is now facing, and gave us much needed
clarity for the future. Our discussions afterwards were as valuable as the
keynote itself, we’re truly grateful you took the time to visit us in Helsinki.
I look forward to continuing our collaboration!
— Isla Vainio & REWORK team

Future Facilities and Workspace | 2018 | Finland | Management Events

Helsinki 25th October 2018 - I talked about the impact of AI on the Workplace. It was a notable event as it had a HUGE screen.

Well you were on fire, thank you! I’m not sure if I had time to blink....
— Anita Ovaska - Future Work Designer, Finnair


I was invited to attend a meeting of the Board of Antilooppi Management Oy. one of the leading Developers in Finland. I presented a complete overview of the changing nature of demand in real estate and the ways in which technology is impacting all asset classes, especially the office sector.

Thank you for the presentation and the excellent discussion after! Our board and the management team really appreciated your visit. The subject and your point of view was not only spot on, but also very relevant to Antilooppi.
— Tuomas Sahi, CEO

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Workplace Trends: People, Place, Performance

Royal College of Physicians, Regent’s Park, London

17 October 2018

I had the pleasure of presenting to this very distinguished audience of Workplace Consultants, Academics and Scientists on ‘The impact of AI on the workplace‘.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 17.41.05.png

EurobuildCEE 9th Conference Office Market for Poland

Where is the office market heading? How to find your way around the maze of novelties without losing sight of the basics of this business? The experts and guests of the 9th Office Market for Poland Conference will be discussing these and many other issues.

I’ll be talking about ‘To what extent is technology poised to replace human work? Are office workers really going to be replaced by artificial intelligence from data centres?

One more time I’d like to thank you for yesterday’s presentation. It’s really great to see somebody finally put more impact on quality and customer service rather than on repeating the same old behaviours from the last 10 decades.
— Tomasz Węglarz, Biuro Na Miarę


HB Reavis Talks - Budapest 2nd October

Thank you once again for the amazing talk
— Nadia Laurinci, CEO Laurinci Speakers


'FlexOffice 2018 brings together two organizations for one landmark event. NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, and the Global Workspace Association (GWA), are bringing together a dynamic group of owners, operators and developers of office space to explore a diverse range of topics on cutting-edge office trends and technologies.'

Austin, Texas 12-14th September 2018

‘Audience is enraptured listening to @antonyslumbers as our kickoff keynote ‘
— Barb David Parnarouskis - Vice President for Education at NAIOP
Great stuff Antony Slumbers, we are still recovering from your Keynote Speach at the hashtag#NAIOP hashtag#GWA event in Austin—-Absolutely jaw dropping.

You are my go to source on all things hashtag#PropTech and the hashtag#SpaceasaService movement you were instrumental in starting.
— Mark Kennedy, Chief Strategy Officer at Coworkatthemall.com

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 15.33.04.png

On June the 20th I presented at the Human Centered Places conference ran by Colliers International in Warsaw, Poland. A fascinating day looking at the crossover of skills required to thrive in a world that is increasingly technologically advanced.

I gave a summary of all the discussions at the end of the event and a presentation on 'AI, the 4th Industrial Revolution and Human Centered Places'.

... a very interesting and inspiring presentation!
— Sylwia Skubiszewska, Senior Communication Specialist

For more examples of where I have had the pleasure of speaking please click here