Essential tech for property people: Twitter

August 2014

Do you ever mutter ‘information overload’? Or wonder how you can keep up with everything going on around you? Are you inquisitive? Do you think you live in a ‘Filter Bubble’ where everyone you meet and greet is well, just like you. Have you anything to say? Are you a giver or a receiver?

If any of the above is you, then you need Twitter. Simply put, Twitter is how you can filter the internet. It is how you can break out of your existing network and, however big that might be, discover something new, engaging, informative, stimulating, exciting and evocative. Every day.

With Twitter you are in control of what information you receive and who you want to engage with. Unlike Facebook, where they decide (on the unwritten orders of advertisers) what you get to see, with Twitter you decide who you want to hear from. And no one filters your data feed. If someone is interesting you hear it all. If they are dull you just cast them aside.

In a personal capacity you can become stupendously well informed as well as subtly promote your own bona fides. In a business capacity you can hear the unvarnished truth about your brand, as well as support, aid and inform you customers.

Not everyone on Twitter is interesting, but most interesting people are on Twitter. If you’re the later but yet to dive in, do. It’s a fascinating place.


This post first appeared in Estates Gazette 27th August 2014