Essential tech for real estate: Citymapper

December 2014

This is how to do it. Citymapper provides the 1,2,3 for how to do digital. Now covering 13 world cities, they provide “The Ultimate Transport App” and do it brilliantly well.

1. Whilst their desktop version is itself a delight the mobile apps are even better. Unlike a myriad of companies that seem not to have discovered that mobile now exceeds PC Internet usage they have ensured that supercomputer in your pocket gets all due attention.

2. The way they integrate, seamlessly and speedily, with a multitude of real time data sources is an object lesson in what is possible. Covering all modes of transport you can find out how to get to A-B by bus, tube, train, tram, bike or even on foot. And you’ll get up to the minute information on all of these.

3. Not only do they make the most of mobile, high speed connectivity and cloud computing (the digital trinity) but their design is exceptional. The user experience is a delight and as I said last month, in a digital world your UX is your brand. For example, they make it simple to find where a bus stop is, what number you should take and when it’ll arrive. Then to see your progress on a map update as you approach your well signaled destination.

This simplicity is the result of great attention to detail and real insight into what a user requires. It gives you exactly what you need when and where you need it.

One day the property industry will work like this.


PS First published in Estates Gazette December 2014