In Conversation with: Six video chats about the future of Real Estate

I sat down with Rob Riley of TAP (Tenant Assistance Program - to discuss topics arising from my recent '10 ‘Signals’ of fundamental change in real estate' blog post.

Here is our conversation, in bite size chunks.

Starting with whether real estate people are the best people to run real estate. 

And then 'Space As A Service: the future of real estate?'

And on to Smart Buildings - or the myth thereof....

We then discussed the role of Brand and User Experience; essential in a #SpaceAsAService world but which Product focussed real estate companies will be able to adapt to a Service driven world?

Followed up by looking at whether new entrants will enter the real estate industry. If 'Software is eating the World' will it come for real estate?

And finally we considered what the people within the industry need to do to stay relevant in this new world.

I hope you enjoyed these. Why not now have a look at 'What I can do for YOU'.