Space as a Service: The Trillion Dollar Hashtag

The changes coming to the world of real estate, encapsulated by space-as-a-service (affectionately and somewhat ironically described hereafter as #SpaceAsAService), represent a trillion dollar-plus opportunity. Everything we are familiar with about how we design, build, occupy, manage and value all the spaces and places around us will change fundamentally over the next ten years. And this will happen whether we like it or not; these changes are being driven by technological advancements that are rewiring the world around us. They have very little to do with the real estate industry per se, but the real estate industry will have to bend to their will. The genie is out of the bottle, and there will be winners and losers. Many winners and many losers.

I intend to explain “what” is happening to cause the period of rapid change we have recently entered and that will persist for as much time as we can realistically predict. Then I will answer the question “so what”—what will the consequences be? Thereafter I will address the “now what” puzzle. In short, how do we ensure we are not on the losing end of this societal shift (as many will be), and what are the success factors we need to embrace to be amongst the winners in the coming real estate gold rush?

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